Monday, May 23, 2011

Variety of Ruby Rings in Star Rubies

Ruby Rings are available in a wide range of designs and grades. But of the rarest and the costliest varieties are the Ruby Rings with Star Rubies. The star ruby showcase a star with six rays when a single ray of sunlight or a spot light falls on them. It is an example of an optical phenomenon called "Asterism". Because of this unique feature, the Rings are very popular amongst the people.

Ruby Stars are very rare to find. On an average, you will find only one out of hundred rubies with a perfect combination of good color and good star. Mostly, the star ruby are found in very small sizes, that is less than 5 carats. Ruby is generally associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Apart from that, Ruby Rings are also presented on a couple's 15th and 40th anniversaries as a token of love and togetherness.

Things to be Taken care of while Purchasing Star and Ruby Rings:

? Length and Sharpness of the Star:

Ideally the star that is formed in the ruby should be silvery or milky white in color. The perfect way to examine the sharpness of the star is to observe the ruby in the bright sunlight. Place the in such a way that the dome faces the sun. If all the six pongs are straight and are of equal length and prominence, then it can be considered as a perfect Star Ruby.

? Color of the Stone:

Normally, ruby are red in color. But the star rubies in red color are extremely rare and extremely costly. But Cheap Rings are also available. The Cheap Rings are available in shades like pinkish red, purplish brown or in purplish red.

? Cut of the stone:

Cut of the ruby is one of the most important factors that determine the cost of the Rings. If the cut of the ruby stone is good, then it enhances the star effect. Hence, the cabochons should ideally be round or oval in shape. It should neither be excessively flat on the top, nor should it be excessively heavy from the bottom.

Owing to their magnificent shine and rich color, star ruby make a good choice for Engagement Rings. When gifted to your fianc?, Ruby Engagement Rings are sure to impress your to be wife. So keep the above mentioned factors in mind and make the perfect choice for your beloved.

The author of this article is involved in the dealings of Ruby Rings and star ruby for a significant amount of time. Here, she shares her knowledge and experience with the readers and guides them about various aspects of the buying star rubies.

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