Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rubies Are As Good As Diamonds

Ruby rings are very popular and dazzling types of jewellery. Value wise it is more or less equal to gemstone diamonds. However, richness of its beauty and passionate colour of the stone is its speciality. Their pulsating shade extends a spectacular accent on most of the pieces of the jewellery.

Hardness of a ruby is nine and it is same type of hard like diamond. Diamond is toughest kind natural substance found in the earth and it possesses hardness of ten. The same sort of hardness in rubies almost like diamonds makes them long lasting stone while making ruby rings. Big sized rubies are difficult to find and they are more costly compared to same sort of diamonds. A ruby is termed corundum as this a gem found in red colour formation. Corundum found in other colours is termed as sapphires. Corundum is available in verities colours and sometimes becomes available in transparent form. An element of trace is the main reason for getting gemstones of different colours.

For intensifying the colour and clarifying some sort of imperfections, very often a ruby is being heated. However, heating the ruby causes not harmful effect in the valuation of Rubies lowering of their prices as well. Most merchants of repute will always reveal whether the Rubies have been given heat treatment. Very recently, another method is adapted to for giving a good look to the ruby is covering its small fractures. A stone with which this method is adapted is termed "Treated" and by way of rules seller of the stones have to disclose the fact and mention in the certificates. One should also be careful while purchasing Rubies as there are Rubies which are synthesized in nature. Various colours of Rubies represent warmth, power, love and passion.

The quality of a ruby is identified by the same sort of reasoning as done with diamond by watching its carat, clarity, colour and cutting. However, if one is purchasing from a well known merchant, after seeking in regards details for the stone, one' personal liking is most vital for judging the quality of ruby rings. Metals of precious nature are very often utilized for making jewellery comprising Rubies. Platinum, white gold and gold are also used for making ruby rings. Engagement rings made of platinum sometimes contain Rubies for enunciation. The red colour contributes some additional excitement and flare. Rubies are also fitted in diamond necklaces for increasing its gorgeousness.

the author deals with various sorts of gemstones and particularly well conversant in the matter of Rubies and Ruby rings.

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