Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ruby Rings Are Red in Color and Adds to the Style

When we talk jewelry, after diamond the most popular gem is the ruby rings. Rubies are almost precious and greatly valued like diamonds in some ways. Ii is classy, bright to look, very rich in beauty and also well-known for its intense color. The vibrant shades can match with every kind and designs of jewelries.

The history of ruby is royal as it looks appears. "A drop of the heart's blood of the Mother Earth" is how a ruby rings has been described in the orient. Ruby is called the "king of gems" by the Hindus. According to its flawlessness and beauty, rubies are divided into four basic casts, much like the social classes. The true oriental ruby rings is the Brahmin, the rubicelle is describes as the Khsatriya, spinel is the baisya and lastly the balas-ruby, the sudra one. It is conferred to be the perfect gem for the owner is padmamarga, or the Brahmin ruby. It is told that this gem helps the owner to be safe from his midst enemies and makes the person shielded from adverse fortune. However the first class gem requires great care and should be kept from the contact of inferior specimens. Or else its basic virtue will be contaminated and the effect can be diminished.

When we plan to buy a perfect ruby rings for us, we have to concentrate on the properties of rubies, first of all its hardness. A ruby is 9 in hardness just after diamond (diamond's is 10, the hardest substance known to men). A ruby is blood-red in color and the bigger sized rubies rare and more precious than diamonds of same sizes. Sometimes rubies are found heated for intensifying the color and clarifying the imperfections. But an experienced merchant can find out whether a ruby is heated.

Synthesized rubies are in market, so firm awareness is needed when shopping your desired gem.

To use a ruby it's the best way to wear it as a ring. A ruby ring is the symbol of love, warmth and power and passion. It's the most stunning and powerful statement for a married couple. So to add more glory in your relationship a gift of ruby ring will do perfect. All you need is a good taste, and desire to find the perfect piece. Make sure you go to a reputable merchant.

So when shopping for a precious jewelry, always has a look to ruby, its value and beauty.

The author is a gemstone expert and has been dealing with different types of rubies and ruby rings all her life.

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