Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ruby Earrings - Red and Indulging

Testing your impulse, if someone asks you to associate love, obsession and indulgence to a color, what would be your immediate answer? Red, for sure! Red is the color that possesses immanent fire. This color has been imparted by nature to a gemstone named 'ruby'. 'Ratnaraj' (king of gems) is what ruby called in Sanskrit is indeed appropriate. Ruby is also called as the gem of sun and is worn to enhance powers of sun i.e. light and success. Grandeur, glory and glamour of the woman could be well handled by wearing ruby embedded in her jewels.

Women's desire to look gorgeous is never fulfilled without jewels and especially a pair of earrings. The practice of piercing was first started from ears to wear earrings in order to keep away magical, evil spirits which with time became most significant ornament for women. A hot sizzling woman without earrings could be well compared to a desert without sand dunes. This little accessory completes the look of attire. From a wedding or prom to a bad hair day, this jewel liberates women of all worries. Moreover a pair of earrings embedded with the rare, regal, red ruby adds an exceptional appeal to the persona.

To express the unsaid feelings to your mate, drop ruby earrings as a gift, says it all. A Ruby embraced with diamonds from all sides in pair of stud earrings fills your beauty with softness and serenity while danglers may offer contemporary yet a royal look. Wearing hoop ruby earrings to those high end gatherings would save words to dictate your own fashion statement. On the other hand, precious star ruby studs boast of power and prosperity.

For imparting a sublime gesture to someone possessing diamond shape face, small drop ruby and stud earrings would be a perfect choice while for an oblong face chandeliers and hoops could be best suited. Ruby dangle earrings offer sharpness to round face with its color and style. Ruby when embellished with diamonds in earrings makes the piece suitable for all occasions and attire while when paired with other colored gemstones could be matched and worn with your favorite outfits bought for special events. Earrings made in gold embedded with rubies lend an ethnic regal feel.

Apart from color, the hardness and durability makes ruby earrings fit for daily home and office wear. A never to forget jewel of woman makes her feel extremely proud and flattered when presented by her confidant and mate. It's a treasure to have and becomes symbol of unquestionable and eternal love when gifted. The most remarkable, fascinating and magnificent creations of nature, ruby keeps the fire, romance and adventure alive as no other gemstone.

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